Burleigh Waters 2011

Posted January 15th, 2011 by admin

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  1. sonya and terry oconnor

    love it and how did u guys survive the floods…we couldnt get out of sandstone point until wednesday afternoon and we are much luckier than others

  2. Barbara McLachlan

    Hi Elaine,
    What a great story and what very luck chooks.  Such a life of luxury being transported by Chuck Chuck.  Free range eggs for breakfast, wow.
    You must be enjoying this life and I bet you are benefiting from it too.
    Not too many earthquakes happening at the moment but had a big one again on Boxing Day which sent shoppers in the CBD running for their lives as bricks, walls came tumbling down again, Glass everywhere over them.  There was more damage to the CBD this time round than the main one.  It was centered right under the CBD and what wasn't already damaged certainly was after that one.  It was only 5ks deep.  We still came out of it fine, but of course once again shaken.
    Enjoy your new lifestyle and look after those chooks.
    Take care.

  3. Margaret from Jandowae

    God luv a duck, this is eggsactly what I need,!  Of course I would have to throw a hens party and invite all my cackling friends, not to forget the mother hen to watch over us all to make sure we didnt make an omelet of ourselves.!!!

  4. Jen Hall

    Love your blog guys! I should come over and get some blog lessons and check out chuck chuck and the chooks in person. Hope you are both well and happy – keep me posted
    Love and light
    ps MB will be your neighbour very soon 🙂 How kewl!

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