Cleveland / Raby Bay Building Site

Posted August 7th, 2010 by admin






The already beautiful home crumbled around us and grew into a work of art. Of course the owners were friends.  Would you do this for just anyone?

We arrived in January and left around Easter. Cleveland is a beautiful part of the world with shopping, theatres, cafes and railway station all very close.

It was a Canal Front home with heated pool and an ocean-going yacht tied up at the jetty.  Beautiful.

The Sophie dog was delightful and full of fun. Walkies was at 4pm every day, rain, hail or shine.  The Sophie dog drove me to the station every morning and picked me up every evening.  She had an uncanny sixth sense of knowing when she was NOT going in the car, eg, if we were going shopping or to the movies.  I don't really think SULK was the right word for her behaviour.  Acceptance, yes.  But happy, definitely NOT.

This is the Sophie dog helping demolish the kitchen.

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