Raymond Terrace Newcastle

Posted January 21st, 2011 by admin
It all began like this…
We went to Raymond Terrace to mind Seargent Popcorn – a cute Staffy, Akhira the Great Dane, Max the sooky cat with attitude, and Carbon the cat that sleeps in the rain.
Kevin went out to do Poop Patrol.
He went armed with the usual plastic shopping bag and a toilet roll.
He tore some paper off the toilet roll, placed the rest of the toilet roll on the table and headed for the yard to do the chore he luvs the best when house-sitting – Poop Patrol.
I heard him yelling at me to come outside.
I don't know what I was doing, but I got a fright because he was yelling quite loudly and it's not like him to YELL loudly.
I jumped up and raced outside to see THIS…
We laughed and laughed – well, I laughed and laughed and I'm not sure whether Kevin was laughing or crying.
I tried to pick up the paper – mainly to appease Kevin and let him know that I was there to support him during all kinds of tragedies in life.
Both Akhira and Sergeant Popcorn were jumping with glee – and it was impossible to do a clean up.
I asked Akhira nicely to please remove herself from the bed, which resulted in Akhira and Sergeant Popcorn both jumping up and down on the bed excitedly saying "Look at moi, look at moi"…
So I packed up and went inside and left the three of them to it.
BTW – they didn't help with the Poop Patrol…

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