Missy and Peppi of Chermside

Posted January 23rd, 2011 by admin

Letter to Mum in San Francisco:

We think that you actually made a good choice when you chose the house sitters – they both spoil us and talk to us and take us walkies and luv us lots – but we miss you Mum. We luv you so much and we miss you…



 Last night Elaine had thrown her old slacks on my bed – the bed I don't like – but because it had her smell on it, it gave me warm fuzzies so I wanted to have a nice sleep there.  I scratched and scratched to get everything comfy and she laughed and laughed at me.  About 3 times I climbed on the  pillow and fell off – and she laughed at me more.  But I was very determined – and here's how I ended up.  I'm not sure if I'm comfy or not…  How embarrassing that she had to photograph me.  But I'm so cute, she couldn't help it … 

2 Responses to “Missy and Peppi of Chermside”

  1. Lindy

    Awwww very cute pooch – what bred is it?

  2. Elaine

    Don’t know what breed they are. Both have gone to doggy heaven. Owners often keep us up to date about the health of their pets, and I think it’s because they know that we love each and every one of them to bits.

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