Pandemonium at Samford

Posted August 25th, 2012 by admin

Kevin opened the sunroom doors to place our pillows outside to air in the sun.  Kevin didn’t realise that Bear, the neighbour’s long-haired, black, German Shephard was being taken for a walk right past our place.  Also, Kevin didn’t realise that Pepper, our German Shephard was right behind him as he opened the door.

Yep, you guessed it.  Pepper was really excited and pushed past us to romp out to greet Bear.  We knew at this time that both dogs are not aggressive, but still, we didn’t want Pepper upsetting Bear’s walk.

Our response was good entertainment for the neighbours.  Pepper was racing towards Bear.  Kevin was racing after Pepper.  Elaine, in her nightie and dressing gown, was racing after everyone.

Pepper greeted Bear with great gusto and they were having a great romp and a great chat about whatever dogs chat about.  However, Pepper instinctively knew when Kevin was trying to grab her and escaped to romp with Bear again.  It is really difficult to grab the collar of a German Shepherd that is romping with another German Shepherd.  No amount of begging and pleading worked.  It was pandemonium.

Eventually when Kevin grabbed Pepper he scruffed her.  Scruffing doesn’t hurt but it is how the mother dogs chastise their puppies, so Pepper thought she was in trouble, and she gave a little wail.  Yep, you heard it from us.  This really big, brave, German Shepherd wailed as she dropped to the ground.  Got her…

Pepper was banished to the garden behind the house to chase the Butcher Birds who try to steal her bones and all was well.

I can’t remember whether the pillows got aired in the sun that day.

Thankfully, the home owners have invited us back to house sit again next year

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  1. Melanie

    What a gorgeous girl! It must be hard to say goodbye.

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