Penny cried, “SNAKE!”

Posted September 11th, 2011 by admin

The next exciting episode of the house-sitting HappyHewitts…

We were having friends for lunch.

It’s about 9.30am Saturday morning and it’s all happening.  Make sure we have champagne in the frig; take the fish out of the frig to warm to room temperature for cooking; peel the taters; set the table, tidy up; etc, etc, etc.

Kevin went down the hallway to the bathroom with his shadow (Penny the gorgeous dog) and was coming back to the kitchen when Penny looked up to the ceiling and barked and continued to look at the skylight.

This is Penny doing her dog-duty for us…

“Penny has found a snake!!” Kevin screamed.  Well, he didn’t REALLY scream, but it makes a good story, so we’ll stay with that.


“Penny has found a snake!!” Kevin screamed.  Where, where, I screamed back as I raced towards him to save him.  It’s stuck in the skylight and it’s hurt and bleeding, he screamed.

We CALMLY closed the door to that end of the house and put a door sausage against the bottom of the door in case the snake decided to come into the living area of the house and cause major havoc and kill us all.  I know, I know it’s only a little green tree snake, but to us city-slickers a snake is a snake.

We didn’t want to hurt it, so we CALMLY asked it to remove itself so that we could not SEE it.  And because of the amount of blood from a small reptile, we were afraid that it was STUCK and might DIE and, oh, the smell – we would have to move into the barn – and that could be worse because we KNOW that a CARPET SNAKE is living in there.

We CALMLY went about what we were doing, checking the snake every 10 minutes and our first guest arrived.  I think we asked them how they were – they had been ill recently – but I know we told them about our little snake – and they then had to CHECK on the snake EVERY 10 MINUTES.

More guests arrived and EVERYONE had to check the snake EVERY 10 MINUTES.

Champagne and nibbles are served with everyone agreeing that we think we’ll all live…

We decided to call a snake-catcher because we were now convinced the snake WAS DEFINITELY STUCK.  Snake-catcher has moved.  Ring the vet.  Ring the snake-catcher recommended by the vet.

Waiting, waiting.  Checking on snake, checking on snake, and it had moved to the OTHER side of the skylight – AHA, so snake was not trapped at all.

At last the snake-catcher is driving up the long drive past the dam to the house.

The boys check on the snake.  SNAKE HAS DISAPPEARED.  What the…  Where’s the snake…  Where’s the snake…

I’m cooking lunch by this time – so SOME normalcy HAD returned to our lives.

The boys greet the snake-catcher with the news.

The girls are in the kitchen chatting and chatting and cooking and preparing lunch.  The boys and the snake-catcher are moving thru the kitchen to the hall, and back thru the kitchen to get outside, armed with ladders and a snake-hook, grrrrr…..  It was mayhem in the kitchen.  And now lunch is cooked and the search for the snake is still on.

Eventually the boys reach consensus that the snake has retired into the cavity brick wall to wait for geckos.

So we didn’t find the snake. Hope little snake is alive and healthy and happy.

Snake 1; snake-catcher nil.

3 Responses to “Penny cried, “SNAKE!””

  1. Lindy

    OMG I hate snakes – have never seen one up close and personal and pretty sure it would not be pretty if I did!!! So you never saw the snake again???

  2. Elaine

    We didn’t see THAT snake again – but there were plenty on the property. We don’t house sit there now because owner only planned a couple of holidays.

  3. Elaine

    I love snakes. We didn’t see THAT snake again – but there were plenty on the property. We don’t house sit there now because owner only planned a couple of holidays.

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