Redland Bay

Posted August 7th, 2010 by admin

Child minding again at our next "sit".. Well, these pussy cats were the owner's babies.  Mischa and Jamie were delightful personalities.Mischa and Jamie owned a new home, only months old – so the house sitters were delighted that Mischa's and Jamie's Mum and Dad would trust them with their beautiful new property.

We decided to close Mum's and Dad's bedroom door – big mistake – puss cats wanted the door open – and in they went to sleep most of the day on Mum's and Dad's bed.

Mischa is currently on the Whiskas website asking for votes. Please vote for her here.

Napping on Mummy's and Daddy's bed.






 They loved sleeping in our suitcase and climbing on our car (which was in the garage – they are strictly INSIDE cats). The open suitcase just suits me fine thank you.

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  1. Joanne McDonald

    Elaine and Kevin came highly recommended to us from our Real Estate Agent, Linda. Even so, we were a bit apprehensive about entrusting our new home and only babies [cats] to Housesitters.
    On meeting Elaine and Kevin, we knew "everything would be all right." Kevin and Elaine are very special people who we now regard as special friends. We felt totally confident with them. We enjoyed our holiday with no worries from home. Elaine and Kevin kept us up to date with the antics of our cats.
    They are one of the most delightful couples we have ever met and we give them the highest recommendation, possible.
    They are beyond reproach, totally trustworthy, reliable, and friendly. They just love animals and it shows. They have such empathy and compassion with animals and everyone who crosses their path. 
    Our home was sparkling and a joy to come home to. Jamie John misses their grooming and soothing voices.  Mischa Jo misses their suitcase and warm bed. Kevin and Elaine always go the extra mile and our a joy to have in the home.
    Quite simply, THEY ARE THE BEST!  And our lives are enriched from meeting them.

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