Sandstone Point

Posted November 8th, 2009 by admin

Here we go again. Next house and next adventure.

We have a lovely new home with 2 affectionate Staffies that have now decided they are not missing Mum and Dad so much and they like their new foster parents.



I never thought I'd call a Staffy CUTE – but these two are CUTE and cuddly. They've even begun the "naughty" behaviour with us – such as getting on the lounge when we're not looking.

The first few days involved some expected "tail between the legs" behaviour laced with "I'm not eating and I want my parents back" but they have warmed to us and WE have settled into THEIR routine.

Walkies and meal times are good.  Otherwise they sleep their life away – usually laying on our feet.

We're all round animal lovers so we went bat sighting last night and met some gorgeous baby bats – can you see the "dummy" in it's mouth.  This "dummy" is a necessary pacifier because they would normally be hanging onto the teat which is under mummy bat's wing. 


They were getting very upset when they became unattached to this dummy. This little bundle of mischief was approximately 4 to 9 days old – doing well – and will be one of the lucky ones to be released back in the wild. There were lots of lovely ladies there and they all had orphans to care for.  One also had 2 baby possums.

They told us that the orphaned baby bats quickly bond with their human mother – but when they are big enough to join other bats – they just as easily UNbond so release into the wild is not so difficult.

Their mascot was Gilbert – a bat who couldn't be released into the wild because of injuries.  Poor Gilbert.  However, he was having fun with all the attention and food and was hanging upside down in a cat cage.  That cute word comes to mind again…

Transport to the city is easy.  A 20 minute drive to Caboolture and then a 1 hour trip to Central. We're here for almost 3 months and then we're off to our next adventure at Cleveland.

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  1. haidee

    Dear Elaine and Kevin
    Have just sent your website to my colleague at work. Hasn’t built her house yet but when they do they may travel a bit so…

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